Digital printing is a natural when you’re choosing among quantity, quality, speed, and cost. Compared to offset printing, it does away with time-consuming pre-press preparation, significantly reducing costs for the production of small and medium volumes of printed materials.

  • Very fast order processing
  • Low prices for small print runs
  • Options for personalization, digital numbering and encoding, and/or the use of QR codes
  • Optional periodic updating of contents (technical publications that are produced in the form of card indexes)

You can give your printed materials an exclusive look by applying a special toner – transparent, metallic gold, or silver. Transparent toner can be used to highlight selected elements, or it can be printed onto the whole page. Clear toner can highlight pictures in a way that makes your audience feel like the pictures are jumping out of the page. It can draw eyes to texts of your choice and highlight photographs, logos, or various pictures. You can use gold or silver toner to get a whole-page metallic look or e.g. for highlighting logos and graphics. These toners are used to great success for watermarking printed materials (entry tickets, coupons, vouchers, etc.).


  • Periodical and non-periodical publications
  • Advertising and promotional materials
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Stickers
  • And a wide range of other products…

Machine Fleet

  • Xerox XC 1000i
    Colours: 5/5 (gold/silver/coating)
    Print width: max. 330 x 488 mm
    Paper weight: 60 – 350 g/m²
    Speed: 100 A4 pages/min.

  • Xerox Versant 80
    Colours: 4/4
    Print width: max. 330 x 660 mm
    Paper weight: 60 – 350 g/m²
    Speed: 80 A4 pages/min.

  • Xerox DC 120 Nuvera (2 printing machines)
    Colours: 1/1
    Print width: max. 320 x 470 mm
    Paper weight: 60 – 250 g/m²
    Speed: 120 A4 pages/min.