TYPOS Klatovy

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Employee count


Klatovy plant opened up in


Sheet-fed printing machines, total


Cutting machines, total


Folding machines, total


Sheets printed per year

26 mil.

We process orders at our operations in Pilsen and Klatovy. We always plan all manufacturing operations in close cooperation between both branches. That way we can offer you optimum technical solutions for your order and a superb price, no matter which branch you turn to.

Our manufacturing in Pilsen mainly specializes in sheet-fed printing of large-volume orders, web-fed printing, and digital printing, including pre-press preparation and finalization. Meanwhile in Klatovy we mainly prepare lower-volume orders, but comprehensive services are provided here as well.

TYPOS Klatovy:

  • Graphics studio and DTP studio
  • Offset printing
  • Complete bookbinding facilities for processing flat sheets (creasing, collating, glued and stitched bindings, cutting, etc.)
  • Glued and stitched brochures, magazines, books, flyers, forms, magazine covers, and more

Sales point for printed materials in Klatovy:

We sell a complete assortment of printed materials for use in business (invoices, delivery notes, and receipts), files, ring binders, and selected office supplies.

Branch opening hours:

Mo–Fr: 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Jarmila Šůsová

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