Our website, re-inked for today

It’s our pleasure to announce that we’ve launched a new website with a new, modern design.

Here you’ll learn who we are and what we offer, as well as how things look at Typos. One thing you’ll enjoy about the site is how it adapts to look great on every device. Thanks to this, you can view it problem-free no matter if you’re on a PC, a tablet, or a phone.

We look forward seeing you visit the new site! Meanwhile we ask for your patience if you encounter any of the bugs that can appear during such a large project.

A year in service for your Heidelberg XL 106-5+L: 56 Million sheets

As unbelievable as it may seem, it’s been a year since the installation of our new Heidelberg XL 106-5+L machine. We’ve already printed over 56 million sheets on it in that time. The experience that we’ve gained lets us take fully advantage of the latest technology for quick, high-quality printing of all those motifs out there that are hard to print, but easy for us – and our customers – to love.

Investments into web offset printing

We kicked off this year with investments into our Müller Martini Concept web offset printing machine. We primarily use web-fed printing technology when preparing customers’ direct-mailing campaigns. But forms are also another major part of our printing in this segment.

As the first of the adjustments enabled by this investment, we replaced all of the machine’s cabling.  After this, its control module was replaced, and one new shoulder module (24") was purchased alongside it. In the last phase, we’re having all of the printing towers refurbished. Overall it’s an investment exceeding two million crowns.

But why are we doing it? Stability. These adjustments will maximize the machine’s electronic stability – and, thanks to the collar refurbishing – sustainability for its printing quality. This investment also lets us print even the most demanding motifs for you.

Digital printing in metallic inks

Our Xerox XC 1000i digital printing machine, purchased in autumn of last year, has its first 450,000 prints behind it after three months in operation. These are primarily business cards, flyers, and a variety of brochures and catalogs. This machine lets us offer you impressive elements that will make your printed materials feel exclusive. We’re using it more and more often to print e.g. wedding announcements, invitations, coupons, and vouchers.